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About IPS

The Industrial Projects Service (IPS) is a public enterprise that provides multi-disciplinary consultancy services in development planning and business undertakings. Established in 1982, IPS is the pioneer consultancy house in Ethiopia and a well-established firm with a proven capacity to render a wide range of professional consultancy services vital for national development planning and delivering innovative solutions to business challenges.
From project identification to project preparation and implementation, IPS marshals its consultancy services to ensure judicious utilization of resources and the maximum possible efficient operation. Its operational mechanism has been tailored in such a way that comprehensive consultancy services are provided to governmental, non-governmental, and private firms with a high standard of professionalism.

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
To provide high quality consultancy and training services in business solutions and investment activities to the best satisfaction of our clients.
To be a leading consultancy house in Africa.

Team spirit and belongingness are the traditional values prevailing in IPS. The values and set of principles that govern our behavior in service delivery are the following:

→  Integrity: Honesty and trustworthiness form the foundation upon which all success can be built.  We are here to render our service and we will do so with integrity.  This belief guides every decision we make and is the core of how we communicate and deal with everyone. Integrity guides everything we do.
→   Improving Performance: We strive to constantly improve our performance as a company and as team members.  Our right to serve our customers and our ability to earn a fair return will depend on always getting better.  We will never be satisfied. We expect the best performance from ourselves and from each other.
→  Teamwork: Teamwork means listening to one another and working together, sharing efforts, information, knowledge, and opinions. By working together, we accomplish more than we can on our own.
→   Accountability: We have the right to count on each other. We take responsibility for our actions, our behaviors, and our results. We always meet our commitments.
→  Stewardship: We have been entrusted with many responsibilities and resources: our employees, customers, financial resources, community, and environment. As stewards of these resources, we will keep them safe and enhance their value. By being good stewards, we honor that trust.